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When you become a member of Pole Republic, you become a part of a community that share the joy, enthusiasm and passion for pole fitness, aerial hoop and aerial silks. We use the apparatuses to build up muscles, tone the entire body and enhance our flexibility, and most importantly have a great time filled with laughter.

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Whether you prefer aerial silk, hoop or pole, we have it all! We have many different classes, and even some focusing purely on making you stronger or increasing your flexibility. And the best thing is, that we are supporting each other on every class, because we believe that together we can reach the best results.

Bachelortte party

We know how important it is, that everything runs smooth on this day. Therefore we do everything in our power, to make this day unforgettable and create a great experience with lots of laughter and smiles. The only thing you need to do is to show up and have fun challenging yourself. You can choose different package options, depending on your time, budget and wishes. No matter which package you choose, we promise you that it will be a fun element for everyone on the day.

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Company events

We have many different offers for your company event. Do you want a beautiful pole, hoop or silk show at your party? Or do you want to try it on your own as a teambuilding event in our studio? No matter what idea you have in your mind, let us help you make the best day for your team.

What do people say about us


Really great and so sweet instructors! An amazingly good vibe. You feel that you are a part of a unique community!

Liliana Castanheira

Such a cozy studio with good vibes and great instructors. You feel welcome from the minute you step into the studio. You realize and feel how your body is getting stronger. And the strong community feeling is an absolute bonus.

Marit Vedelsdal

Copenhagen's best studio with high ceilings and lots of space! The people in the reception welcomes you and the facilities are perfect.

Caroline Ranek

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