Welcome back to Aerial Fitness

pole and aerial dancing

Time to return to the studio! Excited? Maybe scared too?

The truth is that coronavirus is a challenge for all of us. For some was an opportunity to find new hobbies, for others was just an emotional, physical, and financial challenge or all of the above. And yet, online classes might have been a way for you to keep in shape during the pandemic from the safety and comfort of your own home. It might make you lose your motivation and stop training. You might feel out of shape and weak. You might ask yourself “How might I do this on the pole or that on the silk again?  

Hopefully, we are now moving towards better times. Yes, Corona is a scary challenge, and it SUCKS but, looking at the positive side, it has shown us how fragile everything is and how important it is to enjoy the moment! All the instructors and your friends from the classes are here to support you and lift you up. Together you will empower each other and, step by step, get back on track.

Adjust your expectations

You don’t expect everything to be like the last time 5 months ago, do you? Of course, your body needs time to “remember” how it feels like doing aerial fitness. That is why you have to set realistic goals and have realistic expectations from yourself. You can, for example, start with the tricks you feel more comfortable doing or something simple. Taking it step by step and trying something with low impact will help you gain back some of your confidence and the “Let’s do this” attitude you used to have before the lockdown. And you probably also start get bruises again, but then we can revisit the “good old times” from when we were all newbees and got those lovely pole kisses on our feet or thighs.

The instructors are always here to help and guide you on classes. Remember, it is not a competition. You need to give yourself some time to adjust to the new fitness routine you are trying to create. Sometimes, in order to start running, you need to walk first. Starting from something easy will make it easier to gradually build up your strength again and perform more demanding tricks.

Listen to your body

There is no reason for overdoing it or trying to reach your limits and exhaust yourself. You will get there. Things are gradually opening up, but Corona is still here. This means that you should have self-care as your priority. Try to eat healthy, sleep well and have a training routine based on how your body feels, and not on what you would like it to be. In such a way, you will be able to better cope up with stress and, simultaneously, maintain a strong immune system. 

Of course, you might feel some pain after practice or the day after. But embrace it. This means that your muscles are waking up again. Your body will soon adjust to training again and you will in no time feel great! In this case a warm shower could be your best option to help you relax and feel better.

Keep yourself motivated

Train together with a friend. Set achievable goals. Take a look at our Monday motivational posts on Instagram. These are some ideas for you to be inspired and keep going. Yes, it might be hard in the beginning, but I am sure you can remember the great feeling of flying without wings. Can’t you?

No matter how difficult it might look like, try to embrace yourself for achieving even the easiest trick. Stay body positive and give yourself some love. You deserve it!