what is AERIAL HOOP?

HULA HOoP In the air

Aerial hoop, also known as Lyra or Aerial Ring is a form of exercise that only recently emerged. It has roots in the circus and the world of acrobatics and aerial hoop is related to both pole dance and aerial silk. Aerial hoop therefore combines both strength exercises, agility and grace. An aerial hoop, or Lyra as some call it, is an enlarged hula hoop ring of steel suspended from the ceiling, in which hoop artists can exercise spins, drops, tricks and positions. In aerial hoop you conduct the exercises in fast motions and you often practice rather long combinations. You wear long pants and a top when you do aerial hoop, as you have to hang a lot in your knees and therefore want to protect them a little. Aerial hoops come in various sizes and variants and can either have one or two hooks for hanging and can be either static or put on the spin, so you can twirl around.
aerial hoop girl

Very cozy and bright studio. Super nice teachers. I recommended it highly no matter if you are very much into sports or not at all (because it will get you into it eventually).

Ruxanda V.
aerial hoop girl and instructor

aerial hoop at pole republic

Aerial hoop may for some seem a bit frightening as the hoop is hanging from the ceiling and you therefore have no contact with the floor, but often you quickly get used to hang with your head down. Hoop is also good for your balance as the body finds balance in the movement. We have different aerial hoop classes at Pole Republic in Copenhagen and Odense, depending on your level. We have both beginners, intermediate and mix classes.

The mix classes consists of people on different levels. The training is customized to the level of the individual students and is therefore also a great opportunity to ask each other for help and to be inspired by each other’s differences and skills. If you want to try hoop for the first time, we have  aerial hoop trial classes in the week.