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NEXT season WILL start IN 2021

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Vi har stadig pladser på Aerial Kids for 10 - 12 årige!

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Onsdag kl. 16.00 – 17.00 

Meet Maibrit

Instructor at Aerial Kids

About the aerial kids class

Pole fitness originates from pole dance, but in pole fitness, also called sports poledance the focus is on activating the body, strengthening the balance and motor skills, and play around with the creativity. Aerial Silk and Aerial Hoop is often known from circus, where acrobats are moving in the air from long tissues and big hoop rings.

For the Aerial Kids classes we have a big, light playroom with 12 poles, 6 aerial hoops and 6 aerial silks. We switch between training with the pole, hoop or silk. We always make sure to warm up properly before training and cool down after training. So, if you got yourself a little circus princess or circus artist jumping around at home, make sure you are signing him or her up for the Aerial KIDS class.

There can be a maximum of 10 participants on the class, so we have the possibility of planning the class so it fits the different children. The age on the class is from 7 to 12 years old. Our teacher is Maibrit. She has a background in gymnastic and dance and have taught gymnastic in several years, before she started training pole fitness.

Condition & Strength

Dance and movement, combined with controlled exercises, where the kids learn to use both arm and legs to lift their bodyweight are enhancing their conditioning and strength.

Motor skills

Pole, Hoop and Silk are enhancing the motor skills, due to the fact that the kids do exercise while they are upside down and spinning around. This is good for the balance and motor skills.

Creative skills

While using the body in various ways, by combining different exercises and tricks as well as dance and listen to the music, we develop and enhance the creativity of the kids.

træning for børn-aerial kids

Training for kids!

On the Aerial KIDS class we don’t just train – we have fun, laugh, dance, jump, spin, go upside down and make training a fun play. We don’t only train on one apparatus, but use both Aerial Silk, Pole Fitness and Aerial Hoop to have a fun workout. We are using the apparatus for acrobatic exercises to strengthen the motor skills, the balance, the body control and the creativity. We are focusing on being creative by using our body in ways we are not use to and create small combinations that fits our level and bodies capabilities. We learn cool acrobatic moves to show off in the school yard.
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