Meet the team

Helena, instructor

Hooper Trooper

"Pain is temporary, splits are forever."
Helena is our Hopper Trooper. She is a true aerialist, doing both hoop, pole and experimenting with silks. You will find her primarily teaching the hoop classes. She is super creative with combinations in the hoop and love finding new moves, transitions and tricks. She will do her best to inspire you and teaching you something new. Helena is very devoted to challenge herself to be able to challenge you.


Julia, instructor

Rainbow Ranger

"The magic happens when you dare to face your fears!"
Julia is a bubbly and happy person with an infectious smiley-mood, and therefore she is the studios Rainbow Ranger. You can always count on Julia supporting you and your goals and she will do anything to help you reach them! Julia's style in pole fitness is characterized by graceful positions, combined with powerful movements. If you want to learn flexible, strong tricks on a spin pole, it's definitely Julia's classes you should attend!


Castor, instructor

Physio Warrior

"Pole is tough darling, but so are you!"
Castor is the studios Physio Warrior. She is an educated physiotherapist and this shows in the way she does pole with perfect shoulders and posture. She is full of energy and strength and her classes reflects her focus on the body’s limitation and nature of strength and flexibility. Around Castor you will learn to use your strength in creative pole combinations and movements.


Anja, instructor

Latin Lover

"Dance that pole!"
Anja is our Latin Lover. She has a background as a sports dancer on elite level and pole instructor for many years. Throughout her time as an instructor, she has managed to create a unique pole dance style, combining Latin dance with poledance. Anja is 40 years old, has 3 children and is a living proof that age and children are not an obstacle to pole dance.


Andrea, instructor

Silky Soldier

"Don't let your fears hold you on the ground"
Andrea is here to conquer gravity and therefore she our is our Silky Soldier. Andrea is very organized and thorough and will take you from the basics tricks to beautiful sequences, giving you the tools to become creative and graceful in a safe environment. She will teach you the technique and help you to understand the moves and wraps that will allow you to be strong and elegant in the aerial space.

nina r

Nina R., instructor

Energy Enhancer

"Be the best version of yourself - and then add some glitter!"
Nina R is our Energy Enhancer because she will surely enhance your energy with her teaching. Nina R teaches primarily hoop, but can also be found on the pole classes. She has an eye for details, and focuses heavily on agility, flexibility and pointed feet, and on her classes you will learn graceful combinations, spins and tricks.


Michelle, instructor

Crazy Chameloan

"Accept no one’s definition of your life, but define yourself"
Michelle has a lot of experience with different disciplines in Aerial with silk, trapeze, hoop, rope and contortion. She will do her best to get to know your strengths and weaknesses, to better understand your challenges if they arise. Michelle can be perceived as being a little bit crazy because of her approach to life: "it's better to be absolutely ridiculous, than absolutely boring" - but don't worry - she is focused, ambitious, while being relaxed and aiming for giving you a confidence boost and success experiences through Aerial Dance and Fitness.

saskia instruktør

Saskia, instructor

Positivity Promoter

"Get ready to laugh, glow and turn your lift upside down!"
Saskia's pole philosophy is based on all tricks and stretches is better with a smile on your face. Training and pole should be fun and she takes pride in passing on the world's best sport to new aerialists. Saskia is eternally positive, which is always contagious. She puts a lot of emphasis on technique and correct basic postures. Saskia is a trained X-Pert Xpole instructor and also works as a personal trainer. She takes all the useful knowledge with her and translates it into teaching the best possible pole classes.

Maria instruktør pole fitness

Maria, instructor

Jolly Jokester

"If it was easy, everyone would do it - but we're not just anyone!"
Maria is a fighter and a true example of how to go from being an embarrassed gamer with no dance background, to becoming a true pole goddess with the body as an expression! Maria's open and welcoming nature makes her classes suitable for everyone! And yet, despite perpetual jokes and corny humor, Maria has an eye for detail and technique, which she is really focused on and is happy to guide you in her classes. Maria is a trained XPERT Pole instructor, XPERT Flexibility Flow instructor and soon trained physiotherapist which supports her knowledge of the body's ability and how to best use it for pole and aerial.

anna instruktør pole fitness

Anna, instructor

Confidence Booster

"Celebrate yourself!
Anna teaches both aerial hoop and pole fitness and will also be available for flexibility classes. She has been bubbling in love with the sport from the first glance and she especially likes flexible tricks and body-tangling positions. Anna loves to see and meet people where they are, and strengthen their personal journey through the sport. With great optimism and a jolly mood, she supports and celebrates you in your small and big victories - that's why Anna is our Confidence Booster.


Maibrit, owner & instructor

Feel Good Facilitator

"Nothing you wear is more important than your smile."
Maibrit makes you feel good and that is why she is the studios Feel Good Facilitator. She is an exceptional aerialist, performing and teaching both pole dance, silk and hoop. She is super motivating to be around and with Maibrit you learn both flow, grace and beautiful combinations. Maibrit has a background in dance and gymnastics and have taught kids in many years, therefore she is teaching our Aerial Kids classes.

nina frost

Nina F, owner & instructor

Power Producer

"I've never tried that before, so I should probably be able to do it!"
Nina is our Power Producer. She is always full of energy and ready to master the pole with one of her daring tricks. She is super strong and your strength will be challenged on her classes. She has a lot of courage when it comes to trying out new things on the pole and she will be a great help when you need to overcome obstacles with a pole trick.