Meet the team

Helena, instructor

Hooper Trooper

"Pain is temporary, splits are forever."
Helena is our Hopper Trooper. She is a true aerialist, doing both hoop, pole and experimenting with silks. You will find her primarily teaching the hoop classes. She is super creative with combinations in the hoop and love finding new moves, transitions and tricks. She will do her best to inspire you and teaching you something new. Helena is very devoted to challenge herself to be able to challenge you.

Amedeo, male poledancer

Amedeo, instructor

Skill Stylist

"Hi. My name is Ame. Weeee!"
Amedeo have a great sense of detail, finesse and technique. He practices both pole, hoop and silk and is always happy to help you reach your goal in a safe way. He has a long background in aerial from both circus and instructions. He combines his knowledge of pole, gymnastics, aerial and hand balance to be a dynamic performer and informative instructor. He believes perfecting the fundamentals is the best way to gain strength and coordination to achieve a higher level of fitness and grace.


Castor, instructor

Physio Warrior

"Pole is tough darling, but so are you!"
Castor is the studios Physio Warrior. She is an educated physiotherapist and this shows in the way she does pole with perfect shoulders and posture. She is full of energy and strength and her classes reflects her focus on the body’s limitation and nature of strength and flexibility. Around Castor you will learn to use your strength in creative pole combinations and movements.


Andrea, instructor

Silky Soldier

"Don't let your fears hold you on the ground"
Andrea is here to conquer gravity and therefore she our is our Silky Soldier. Andrea is very organized and thorough and will take you from the basics tricks to beautiful sequences, giving you the tools to become creative and graceful in a safe environment. She will teach you the technique and help you to understand the moves and wraps that will allow you to be strong and elegant in the aerial space.

Lukas, male poledancer

Lukas, instructor

Optimism Officer

"The most effective way to do it, is to just do it."
Lukas has an eye for finesse, details and elegance. He is a master in the pole, and will guide you though both beautiful tricks and elegant combination. He is working with both deadlifts, advanced tricks and splits, but will make sure to fit everything he teaches to your level. Lukas is a goal achiever and he is determined to help you reach yours!


Maibrit, owner & instructor

Feel Good Facilitator

"Nothing you wear is more important than your smile."
Maibrit makes you feel good and that is why she is the studios Feel Good Facilitator. She is an exceptional aerialist, performing and teaching both pole dance, silk and hoop. She is super motivating to be around and with Maibrit you learn both flow, grace and beautiful combinations. Maibrit has a background in dance and gymnastics and have taught kids in many years, therefore she is teaching our Aerial Kids classes.

nina frost

Nina F, owner & instructor - maternity leave

Power Producer

"I've never tried that before, so I should probably be able to do it!"
Nina is our Power Producer. She is always full of energy and ready to master the pole with one of her daring tricks. She is super strong and your strength will be challenged on her classes. She has a lot of courage when it comes to trying out new things on the pole and she will be a great help when you need to overcome obstacles with a pole trick.

Our Temp Team

Anja, Latin Lover

"Dance that pole!"
Anja has a background as a sports dancer on elite level and pole instructor for many years. She will get your flow on and let your body move through great combinations.