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Aerial Performance

A pole dancer dancing in the background while you are getting cocktails. Entertainment for the Christmas party that begins with a bang with a beautiful aerial silks artist who drops from the ceiling! An aerial hoop artist who hangs upside down and serves champagne for your guests. Everything can be done.

We take great pride in providing you with an amazing experience that you will never forget. We offer:

  • Background dancing with pole dance, aerial hoop or silk
  • Performances and shows with aerial silk, hoop or pole dance
    Rental of poles, hoops or silks
  • Booking of dancers for Christmas parties, music videos / product launches / conferences, etc.
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2000 Frederiksberg

Your company party should be special

If you are going to host a Christmas party, it must be absolutely perfect. Your corporate Christmas party should definitely be something that everyone will talk about for a long time and we can help with that. We can give you the perfect entertainment for the Christmas party. We offer high quality aerial performances to create a wow effect or simply to blend in with the interior and create a good atmosphere. For example, for your party, we can do a show aerial girls in Christmas attire who can dance pole dance, aerial hoop or aerial silk. Most recently, we provided entertainment for a Christmas party for a customer who wished we were dressed as cats. Here we provided three dancers, a lollipop lyra and a pole.

But if you instead are going to  launch a new product, you may also want some dancers to create a wow effect around the product. We have been involved in a product launch of a new computer for a major IT company. Here we had hung an aerial silk at a height of 15 meters with an aerial hoop at the top, which our aerial silk artist could hang in and make great positions and drops.

Bring the team closer!

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