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What is Pole Fitness?

Effective and different training

Pole fitness is a form of exercise which incorporates the entire body. It is a sport that branches off into many different styles and areas. Pole fitness (pole sport) originates from pole dance. Pole fitness does not focus on the erotic and sensual part, as pole dance can do. Pole fitness combines artistic dance, acrobatics and strength exercises and through the sport you will build up strength, flexibility and endurance. The sport involves exercises such as climbing, spins, positions and flips and you often use your skin to create friction, thus sitting or hanging in the pole. 

Today pole fitness is widely recognized as a fitness form that can be used as aerobic and anaerobic training. Many people think that you should have strength even before you start doing pole fitness, but this assumption is not correct. Everyone can start doing pole fitness, even if you have never exercised before. You build up muscles in pole fitness through strength exercises on the pole with your own body weight. We have trial classes in pole fitness several times a week.

Stories about Pole Fitness

Primarily in Danish

Polterabend aktiviteter

Hvad skal i lave til din ven(indes) polterabend Hvis du sidder og googler “Hvad skal vi lave på en polterabend” og “Sjove polterabend aktiviteter” for

The story of Pole Fitness

There are different opinions about where pole dance originates from, but according to the International Pole Dance Fitness Association you can track different exercises on a pole back to India for more than 800 years ago. Back then a pole was used for strengthening exercises for wrestlers. It was called pole Mallakhamb ( “Malla” = ‘wrestler’ / “khamb” =’of the pole’). It can also be traced back to the 13th century, where Chinese circus artists used a rubberized 3-9-meter long pole to make circus tricks and flips. In the western world, Pole Dance was presumably introduced by performers dancing around tent poles for performance in marketplaces in the US around the 1920s. Later it has found its way into “the gentlemen’s clubs” and have much later been manifested as a real fitness form – and in fact, in 2017, it was globally classified as a sport.

Today, the poles are used in many different contexts. It can often be experienced in the worldwide circus show Cirque du Soleil, where both female and male performers perform on it.

Pole Fitness with us

In Pole Republic we focus on pole fitness as a sport and we focus a great deal on quality. We offer classes to both beginner, intermediate and advances pole dancers.
We concentrate on strengthening our muscles, our agility and exploit our body’s natural limits to practice the sport. Pole fitness can give you more self-esteem and you learn to work with your body and you quickly find out what it is able to – most are incredibly surprised on how much their body can actually do.

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