A different and fun training for teenagers 

Aerial Teens

Next season August 2024

Pris for sæsonen 1298,-

Pole, Hoop & Silk

On this class we train Pole, Hoop and Silk in rotation.
The class is for everyone, no matter if you have tried it before or are new.

Friday at 17 – 18. 

The course starts on August 2nd.

Pole All Levels

On the class we only train pole. 
You can attend the class if you have tried pole before or are new to pole too. 

Sunday at 16 – 17. 

The course starts on the 4th of August 

If you want to try before signing up, write us here (Trial classes will be held in August)

About Aerial Teen

Pole fitness origins from pole dance, but in pole fitness, also called sports pole dance, the focus is on the athletic part of training, activating muscles and learning to coordinate and control one’s body and how it moves. 

Aerial Silk and aerial Hoop is often known from circus, where acrobatics swings around in long fabrics and hulahop rings in the air. We do the same, and starts slowly, so we built up the body awareness. 

Pole, Hoop and Silk are all helping us to understand how our body functions and move, it gives a great body awareness and understanding, we get an understanding that the body is more than how it looks, and enhance the positive understanding of the body. 

The age is from 13 – 15. The teacher is Maibrit, who has a background in gymnastics and dance, and she has in multiple years taught kids and teens in aerial sports.

træning for teenagere

Kondition & styrke

Dance and movement, combined with controlled exercises, where the teens use both their arms and legs to lift themselves, it enhances coordination and strength.

Motorisk udvikling

As the teens are still in the process of developing their motor skills and get to know their body. Pole, Hoop and silk helps to create a body understanding and awareness.

Kreativ udvikling

By using our body in a different way, with different exercises, tricks and combinations, we strengthen the teens creativity to see new movement ways and patterns.