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Pole & Lollipop Stage Rental

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Price: 1.000 kr. pr. day
Price: 1.000 kr. pr. day

Why renting a stage is a great idea?

For the party
For the outside activities
For the photoshoot
For the filming
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Pole Stage

Are you looking for the last touch to your super exciting event next weekend? Why not rent a Pole Stage and leave your fellow friends or guests speechless! The mobile stage can be easily assembled by anyone and nobody needs additional training to climb or give a spin or two on your very own pole during an evening.

The Pole Stage rental for your private use:

  • Can be used for photoshoots, filming, private events, performances or just for a casual weekend with your family.
  • The stage is easily packed into 4 bags.
  • Can be used static or on spin.
  • No truck needed – easy transfer with a car.
  • Can be used by everyone – pole experience is NOT needed.
  • Weight 100kg together.
  • Pole Stage Rental is the most unique idea for the party!

Lollipop Stage

Looking for a ring for the photoshoot in nature? Or you in need to rent a Lollipop aka Hoop Stage for your spare time? The Lollipop stage can be easily assembled by anyone! The hoop connected on a pole gives a lot of new ways to play around and make your time unforgettable.

The Lollipop Stage for you:

  • Popular for photoshoots, filmings, private events, performances, shows, and birthdays. You name it!
  • Can be used static or on spin.
  • Easy transfer with a car.
  • Invite all your friends and family – no Aerial Hoop experience is needed!
  • Weight in total 100 kg. 
  • Comes in 4 bags + the hoop. 
For the company gathering
For the birthday
For the performance
For the time with your friends
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