Pole Dance Photography: Tips and Tricks

pole dance photo

Whether you are from the ones that had never had a pole photoshoot before or you need some tips for next time, this blog is for you. Why bother taking pictures? I am not the “showing off” type of person. Well, the answer is pretty simple. Pictures are a great way to keep track of your progress, build your confidence and help you feel good about yourself. It is amazing how many things you can do and capturing them is the best way to realize that. Alright, let’s get to it!

Plan Ahead!

First thing you should do is to think why you want to do a photoshoot. Is it for marketing reasons? Like for example to create a portfolio? Is it because you are a student and want to show what have you been working on? Step 2: Make a pose list. It doesn’t have to be crazy to be elegant. Remember: Beauty hides in simplicity. Sometimes simple poses are the most delicate ones. Brainstorm and think of poses that make you feel comfortable doing them. Creating a list will help you, especially if someone is taking the pictures for you. If this is the case we advise you to have some pictures of the poses you want to do in order for the person to have an idea of what you want to do and maybe guide you if needed.

Options: Location

Question: Where? Well could be at home, in a studio or even in a park. What is important to watch here is the light. For example, if you are in a studio you have to take into consideration the lightning. Keep in mind where you stand can make a difference. Direct sunlight on your body is usually not being depicted good in the picture. And please avoid flash! Unless you have a way to diffuse it, flash often reflects on the shiny pole’s surface, a fact that will negatively affect the result.

Select your Outfit(s)

What you will choose to wear is important. Make sure you choose something that stands out. For instance, if you choose to go to a park, the worst choice you could make is to dress up in green. If in doubt, sparkly and shiny usually works well. Choose bright colors that contrast with the background at your shoot. The easiest background in this case will be a white one, as most colors will stand out.

Work those Angles

Would it be from up far away or from up close? From down below or from up top? Still or spinning pole? So many choices to make. And here is where a friend could be of a great help. Not only for taking the pictures from different angles but for also to help you put the pole on spin or spin you around. A friend could also help you position yourself on the pole and then get out of the way.

Practice beforehand

Maybe you can try practice your poses beforehand in order to feel more confident. Practice could also include relaxing your face and smiling while you pose. And of course, fingers and toes. Pointing your toes will make your muscles in your legs appear more toned in the photograph. And when it comes to the fingers, try to position them elegantly and gracefully. What could also look nice is to avoid having the palm of your hand facing the camera in poses like the plank.

And the most important tip of them all? Remember to enjoy the moment, smile, and have fun!