Community and different training 

Background & Philosophy

The Philosophy

In our Pole & Aerial Studio, pole fitness, aerial hoop and aerial silk are more than just training. It is a sport, a community and an expression. It is a form of fitness that deserves to be recognized as a legitimate sport. We see that the form of exercise can create joy, increase self-esteem and self-confidence and strengthen social bonds in everyone, regardless of age and size.

We will spread the knowledge of aerial and pole fitness. We want this because we believe that sport is a perfect tool for strengthening the ideals of what the body can do, rather than how it looks, as well as pushing for the norms that raw strength is elegant.

When you visit our studio in Copenhagen, you will quickly find out that there are no posh sensations. In Pole Republic, we have room for everyone, it is fun to train and we all help each other, to become the best we can and to believe in ourselves.

We believe that training can easily be fun and rewarding, and that you should always look forward to the next training!


We want to do the best we can so that you feel good and that you enjoy training. We offer a training environment with a focus on quality, professionalism, community and optimal facilities with high ceilings as well as good service, where our members can learn, grow and get in shape. Our mission is to build a community based on the form of training across pole fitness, aerial silk and aerial hoop, where we strengthen and help each other to become the best we can. By collaborating across the industry, we can lift the task and share the message of pole fitness, aerial silk and aerial hoop.