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At our location on Frederiksberg you can try your hand at pole dance, aerial hoop and aerial silk. All three activities are something that challenges, is different and something that everyone will be able to participate in. You will laugh, be brought closer together and experience something that is both fun and challenging. But most importantly, you will try something new and different. It is perfect as an activity for the girls’ or boys- night out or as a fun activity for the bachelorette party.

Are you not sure, which activity to choose from, Aerial Hoop, Aerial Silk or Pole dance / fitness, then read our guide further down. However all of then are a really good bachelorette party idea or just for fun on a random Saturday for both women and men, as you have to use your strength but also challenge your femininity. You will get your heart rate up and use your body, but most importantly, have fun!

When you visit us, you will be guided through various spins, tricks, positions and maybe even perform a little dance. You can choose to end the day with a glass of bubbles, while watching a great show from the instructor.

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What to choose?

The Aerial Silk parties

If you want to be challenged on raw strength and courage, aerial silk is the perfect choice. It is both beautiful and elegant, while at the same time being challenging and something completely different that many have never tried! You will try some basic combinations and maybe even be challenged with a little drop ... if you dare! After an hour of aerial silk you will feel like circus performers and it is definitely something worth trying.

The Aerial Hoop parties

If you want to challenge your fear of heights and you need to get your feet off the ground, this is the activity you should choose. You will learn a basic combo, where both balance and strength are challenged, and it is guaranteed to be fun for everyone involved! An Aerial Hoop hen party or private event is definitely something that you will remember for a long time to come and something that everybody will find fun!

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The Pole dance parties

If you want to explore your feminine but raw strength, pole dance is an obvious choice for your hen party or private event! You will learn spins, tricks and sit in the pole, and you will challenge your creativity and coordination and everyone will have a fun, different experience that gives you something to talk about afterwards! If you wish, you can learn a little dance that you can record or perform for each other afterwards.

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