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bachelorette party copenhagen and odense

When you are arranging a bachelor og bachelorette party, you want to arrange a day of activities that are fun, challenging and perhaps a bit different. At the same time you want the bride or the groom to think that it was a good idea and an activity appealing to his or hers personality. And we can help you with that!At Pole Republic you have three different activities to choose from for the bachelorette party. You can choose Aerial HoopAerial Silk or Pole Fitness/Dance. All three activities is a great idea for the bachelor or bachelorette party. In these activities you will need to use your strength and flexibility, and they will all challenge your physique and mentality.
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Choose the right package


kr 175 per. person
  • 1 hour of fun
  • Choose between pole, hoop or silk


kr 235 per. person
  • 1 hour of fun
  • Choose between pole, hoop or silk
  • Show from the instructor


kr 275 per. person
  • 1 hour of fun
  • Choose between pole, hoop or silk
  • Show from the instructor
  • Bubbles, fruit and snacks

50,- discount/prs.
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2000 Frederiksberg


The Aerial Silk bachelorette

Aerial Silk as a bachelorette party activity for the slightly more active person, who should be challenged in his or hers strength and courage. You will try some basic combinations and maybe even be challenged with a little drop... if you dare! It will be a bachelor party worth talking about at the wedding.

The Aerial Hoop bachelorette

If the bachelorette party needs to challenge his or hers fear of heights and get the feet above the ground, you should choose this activity for your party! You will learn a small combination where both balance, strength and boundaries are challenged and it is with guarantee fun for everyone who is involved!

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The Pole dance bachelorette

If the bachelorette should explore the feminine side, pole dance is an obvious choice as your bachelorette party activity! You will learn spins, tricks and sits in the pole, which will challenge your creativity and coordination, and everyone will have a fun, different experience that is worth remembering!

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