Do you want to try aerial silk?

Perfect! This is the first step!

Since you landed on this page, we assume that you are interested in knowing more about how you can turn you fitness upside down and make training fun!

If you like to challenge gravity and to train as a real circus artist, aerial silk is a perfect fit. Aerial silk is known from the circus world, where graceful circus artist were swinging and dropping from high ceilings in a circus tent. And you can learn to do so too!

Your first class

When you train aerial silk, you will learn how to tie the perfect knot, how to easily climb the silk and how to invert upside down. We will of course help you all the way and we use crashmats to secure your safety. Since silk is super tuff you are always two who shares a silk, this way you can help and support each other. Look at our schedule to find your next class.

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hello you!

When you visit our studio, regardless if it is your first or 117th time, you will quickly find there is no posh manners or fancy attitude in the studio. In Pole Republic studio we focus on creating a space for everyone, it needs to be fun to exercise and we all help each other, to become the best we can. We believe that exercising is supposed to be fun and that you should always look forward to your next training session!

We are very excited to welcome you at Pole Republic.

// maibrit & Nina

owners of pole republic


Here is what most people would like to know before they sign up for a tryout class or start doing aerial silk. If you have any other questions, feel free to contact us!

It is best to wear long cotton leggins, when you train aerial ailk, and a t-shirt or top. You can if you want wear socks, but it is more easy to grip and stick to the silk if you are barefooted. Please remember to take of your jewelry, so you don’t rip the silk.

No, you don’t need to be strong to start doing either pole fitness, aerial hoop or aerial silk. “Strong” is something you become with time. You were not able to bike the first time you tried that either where you? You got that balance over time.

It does not have a price to sign up. When you buy a monthly membership, you pay for the membership and 100 dkk. for an entrance chip. This chip is used to open the door and sign in for the classes. You will not have the money repaid for the chip when terminating your membership.

The language is always dependent on the members who attend the class. If someone on the class does not speak danish, we will most likely teach in english or change between danish or english. We always consider the language of the people on in the class, when we teach.

No, we do not have a minimum contract period.

You can at any time cancel your membership with the applicable notice period. The membership will cease at the end of the running month of cancellation + one month.

Yes you can pause your membership up to 3 months pr. year and min. 2 weeks at a time. So if you as an example, is going to travel for some time, you pause your membership for 50 dkk. then you do not pay for your membership in the period of pause.

The story about aerial silk?

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