Become happy, strong and flexible

Aerial hoop for beginners

What to expect from your first class?

In this Aerial Hoop Beginners class you will be guided through strength, flexibility and conditioning exercises that will help prepare you to invert and transition into the air in the hoop. You will learn basic techniques to enter and exit the hoop and you will be introduced to basic sits, positions and tricks.

On our Aerial Hoop Beginners classes in Copenhagen and Odense you share a hoop with another person. That way you can help and support each other.

Look for our “Aerial Hoop Beginners” class when you book.

Joanna Zawadzka
Joanna Zawadzka
A wonderful community and a first class place with professional, positive and super supportive teachers 🙂 They are open to feedback and suggestions, which I very much appreciate. I currently attend pole fitness and flexibility classes, and thanks to Pole Republic I have fallen in love with yoga and stretching 🙂 A big plus also for "DIY" classes open every day, and for paying attention to small details (like a possibility of making tea or coffee).
Sofia Vargová
Sofia Vargová
It is a great place for anyone who prefers to do something interesting and creative when it comes to physical activity. I love that we can choose the type of classes and the time depending on what suits us best each week. The instructors are skilled, very nice but also will make sure that you are not slacking off!
Christine Marie
Christine Marie
Et fantastisk studie, hvor man altid føler sig velkommen. Instruktørerne er alle dejlige mennesker der brænder for aerial sport og er fantastiske undervisere. Helt klart et sted der kan anbefales både til begyndere og øvede inden for aerial sports.
marianne frantzen
marianne frantzen
We had the most amazing time here as a part of our bachelorette party! Pernille was an extremely talented, fun and nice instructor😁 the focus was on the bride, as it should be, and all of us got help to get to do all the moves she taught us😃 we had so much fun and would definitely recommend it for anyone wanting to try out poledancing🤩👏🏼🥳
Lenka Trangosova
Lenka Trangosova
Tried majority of the studios in Copenhagen, but this one is heartfelt. Beautiful space, great schedule, fair prices but most of all the community and the instructors who go above and beyond for you to be happy and feeling welcomed. Highly recommended for all levels!

The benefits of doing Aerial Hoop


We have a super good community. We sit in the lounge before training and drink coffee, some sit and do homework together while others exercise. Our community is strong and we would love to include you in it!

Renewed energy

Do you know the feeling when you are tired and lazy? We do ... But we also know that if there is anything that helps, it's a good workout! It triggers endorphins and dopamine.

Strong body

When you train pole and aerial, you use your muscles - it goes without saying. But it also gives you a stronger and more toned body. We can't promise you a Victoria Secret model body, but we can promise you a healthier body!

Motivation for more training

Pole and Aerial training is super addictive - in a good way! It's so much fun that you feel like going again and again! You can often see a rapid development in your abilities and that is something that motivates!

Aerial Hoop in Cph or Odense

The most awesome thing about training Aerial Hoop in our studios is the community. We have an amazing community because we share the hoops two and two, It requires us to get to know each other, talk to each other and help each other. When you visit our studio, regardless if it’s in Copenhagen or Odense, you will quickly find there is no posh manners or fancy attitude in the studio.

In Pole Republic we focus on creating a space for everyone, it needs to be fun to exercise and we all help each other, to become the best we can.

We believe that exercising is supposed to be fun and that you should always look forward to your next training session! We are very excited to welcome you at Pole Republic.

You wanna know this...

Yes, you can pause your membership up to 3 months pr. year and min. 2 weeks at a time. So if you as an example, is going to travel for some time, you pause your membership for 50 dkk. then you do not pay for your membership in the period of pause.

No, you don’t need to be strong to start doing either pole fitness, aerial hoop or aerial silk. “Strong” is something you become with time. You were not able to bike the first time you tried that either where you? You got that balance over time.

When you buy a monthly membership, you pay for the membership + 149 dkk one time as a sign up fee. 

It is best to wear long leggins, when you train Aerial Hoop, and a t-shirt or top. You can if you want wear socks, but you do not need to. Please remember to take of your jewelry.

The language is always dependent on the members who attend the class. If someone on the class does not speak danish, we will most likely teach in english or change between danish or english. We always consider the language of the people on in the class, when we teach.

No, we do not have a minimum contract period.

You can at any time cancel your membership with the applicable notice period. The membership will terminate at the end of the running month of cancellation + one month.