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Your first pole fitness class

At your first Pole Fitness beginners class in Copenhagen and Odense you will be guided through basic spins, tricks and positions. It’s a class for you who have never tried pole fitness before or if you are still learning how to invert. You do not need to be strong or flexible to participate – it is something you build up over time.

In fact, the most important thing about this class is that you have fun and get a sense of what it’s like to move around a pole.

Look for our “Pole Fitness Beginner” classes when you book your first pole fitness class in Odense and Copenhagen.

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We practice pole dance and fitness as a sport, which means we always train in bare feet and wear sports clothes or pole dance clothes. We use the pole as a fitness apparatus that improves our strength, flexibility, body awareness, motor skills and balance as well as our minds.

We do not seek out body ideals as our goals, but rather the body’s capabilities. When you visit our studio either in Odense or Copenhagen, you will quickly find that there are no posh manners or fancy attitude in the studio. In Pole Republic it is all about creating a happy place for everyone. It should be fun to train and we all help each other to do the best we can.

We believe that training is supposed to be fun and that you should look forward to your next workout session! We look forward to welcoming you to Pole Republic in Copenhagen and Odense.

// maibrit & Nina

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It would be smart to wear short shorts to the middle of the thigh, and a t-shirt. Even though it sounds a bit uncomfortable, we often use the friction of the skin to stick to the pole.

You can have bare feet or socks, depending on what you prefer. Please remember to take of your jewelry.

No, you don’t need to be strong to start doing either pole fitness, aerial hoop or aerial silk. “Strong” is something you become with time. You were not able to bike the first time you tried that either where you? You got that balance on the bike over time.

When you buy a monthly membership, you pay for the membership and 100 dkk. for an entrance chip + setup. The chip is used to open the door and sign in for the classes. You will not have the money repaid for the chip when terminating your membership.

The language is always dependent on the members who attend the class. If someone on the class does not speak danish, we will most likely teach in english or change between danish or english. We always consider the language of the people on in the class, when we teach.

No, we do not have a minimum contract period. You can at any time cancel your membership with the applicable notice period. The cancellation notice is rest of the running month + one month.

Yes you can pause your membership up to 3 months pr. year and min. 2 weeks at a time. So if you as an example, are going to travel for some time, you pause your membership for 50 dkk. then you do not pay for your membership in the period of pause.