What is aerial silk?

Circus fun and acrobatics

Aerial Silk, also called Tissue, is together with Aerial Hoop known from the circus world. The silk is hung from the ceiling and is long enough to at least reach the floor, divided into two silk pieces to make acrobatic tricks and exercises. In aerial silk you often combine exercises like climbing, binding, drops and swings. Aerial silk performers climb the silk without safety line and use only their strength to stay up in the silk.There is not much known history about aerial silk, but the first time it was seen, was at a French circus school where the students were asked to be creative with new forms of performance equipment’s where a student used a silk for his performance.
aerial silk upside down

The moment you enter the place – you are stunned. The studio is very spacious and with high ceilings; letting you do tricks and combos you only dreamt off, without hitting somebody with a foot on the next pole or reaching the floor to quickly. The instructors are awesome; with all their cheering they will make you motivated and happy for the rest of your day, week or month😊

Inga L.

aerial silk girl smiling

Aerial silk at Pole Republic

At Pole Republic in Odense and Copenhagen we have different silk classes, depending on your level. We have beginners, intermediate and mix classes. The mix classes can be joined by anyone, it only requires tenacity, an open mind and motivation since each exercise is adapted to the individual student. We find your safety important, therefore we use crashmats for beginners as well as advanced students. You become stronger, braver, very happy and more flexible when training aerial silk. Often, you will also be able to overcome some mental limitations, as you sometimes have to make drops from the silk, which really gives you an adrenaline rush.