Aerial Silks Beginners Guide


Welcome to Pole Republic’s Aerial Silks community! If you’re new to aerial silks and have some questions about what to wear, what to bring, and what to expect during your first class, we’ve got you covered.

What To Wear

For an optimal experience, we recommend wearing comfortable and fitted clothing that allows you to move freely. Leggings or yoga pants along with a fitted top are great options. Avoid baggy clothes that may restrict movement or get tangled in the silks. Some students prefer to wear an additional layer such as a long-sleeved shirt or thin sweatshirt to protect their skin.

It’s important to note that you will be in contact with the silks, so avoid wearing any jewelry or accessories that may snag or get caught in the fabric.

What to bring

It’s always a good idea to bring a water bottle to stay hydrated throughout your class. We also recommend bringing a small towel to wipe off any sweat. If you have long hair, it’s helpful to bring a hair tie to keep your hair out of your face during the exercises.

what to expect

During your first aerial silks class, expect to learn the basics of aerial silks technique, including climbs, wraps, and poses. Our experienced instructors will guide you through a warm-up session to prepare your body for the workout. They will demonstrate and explain the various moves and techniques, assisting you every step of the way to ensure proper form and safety. 

Don’t worry if you don’t have any prior experience or upper body strength – our classes are designed for beginners and progress at a comfortable pace. We encourage you to embrace the learning process and have fun exploring the beautiful art of aerial silks.  

group size and progression

Our classes maintain a group size of maximum 12 people to ensure that you receive personalized attention and guidance from our dedicated instructors. With every Silks class comes progress and as you continue attending classes, you will steadily advance to more advanced tricks and routines.

Start your journey

Pole Republic does not just offer Aerial Silks; we also provide Pole Fitness and Aerial Hoop training classes. By becoming a member of our community, you will gain access to many additional resources, workshops, and events, enhancing your Aerial Silks journey. Discover the empowering world of Aerial Silks and the joy it can bring to your life.

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