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A dance class at Pole Republic. At Pole Republic you can do Polefitness aerial hoop and silk in Copenhagen. Et dansehold hos Pole Republic. Hos Pole Republic kan du dyrke Polefitness aerial hoop og silk i København.

Spacious and bright studio with high ceilings

At Pole Republic Copenhagen, you can train polefitness, aerial hoop, and aerial silk in our studio with ceilings that are 4.3 meters high.

Established in 2017, our studio has helped many people and children get in shape and rediscover the joy of training through polefitness, aerial hoop, dance, and silk. During the year, we host multiple social events, so you can get to know your fellow polers and aerialists better.

Our studio features 3 training spaces, each dedicated to polefitness, aerial hoop, aerial silk, dance, and flexibility training right here in Copenhagen. Learn more about each space under facilities.
If you want to know more about our classes, you can check out our class descriptions.

Features in Copenhagen

We have over 50 classes per week, and you can choose from polefitness, poledance, aerial hoop, and aerial silk. And when you’re ready to come back to earth, you can take a strength or flexibility class.

Training from 06:00 – 24:00

When there are no scheduled classes, you can train polefitness, hoop, and silk in the studio in Copenhagen on your own. Using our app, you can access the studio at your convenience.

Extra Features:

An aerial hoop class at Pole Republic. At Pole Republic you can do Polefitness aerial hoop and silk in Copenhagen. an aerial hoop hold hos Pole Republic. Hos Pole Republic kan du dyrke Polefitness aerial hoop og silk i København.

What people say about us

kamil olszewskikamil olszewski
19:16 18 Feb 24
Oliver MadsenOliver Madsen
16:01 18 Nov 23
Jade ZhangJade Zhang
04:21 10 Oct 23
Love the light in the studio.But the class was finished 5 minutes earlier than scheduled.
17:29 08 Sep 23
Excellent studio. The atmosphere is very warm, I felt at home there from my very first class. Great diversity of courses and schedules. The teachers are very attentive and know how to put students at ease!
Elena BosalygoElena Bosalygo
18:24 12 Jul 23
Sofia VargováSofia Vargová
09:54 20 Mar 20
It is a great place for anyone who prefers to do something interesting and creative when it comes to physical activity. I love that we can choose the type of classes and the time depending on what suits us best each week. The instructors are skilled, very nice but also will make sure that you are not slacking off!
Lenka TrangosovaLenka Trangosova
11:59 11 Feb 20
Tried majority of the studios in Copenhagen, but this one is heartfelt. Beautiful space, great schedule, fair prices but most of all the community and the instructors who go above and beyond for you to be happy and feeling welcomed. Highly recommended for all levels!
Einar AgdesteinEinar Agdestein
07:47 26 Jun 19
We were 15 guys on a bachelor party in Copenhagen. This was a perfect activity during the day. Really fun and challenging! The instructor was a top level dancer and instructor. After our 1 hour class we were served bubbles and beers to enjoy while watching a spectacular show by the instructor. We had a great time and would recommend it to any bachelor party out there, male or female!
The moment you enter the place – you are stunned. The studio is very spacious and with high ceilings; letting you do tricks and combos you only dreamt off, without hitting somebody with a foot on the next pole or reaching the floor to quickly. The instructors are awesome; with all their cheering they will make you motivated and happy for the rest of your day, week or month😊There are many classes for any level and if you prefer - you can train on your own.This place feels like home, because it will become your safe place - happy place.Very recommended!
Lilja HarðardóttirLilja Harðardóttir
20:34 17 Jul 17
Great new studio in Copenhagen! I love that they offer pole, silk and hoop classess so the variety is extensive! Also super nice teachers!

general questions

Absolutely not. But you will get flexible, as we incorporate flexibility training in our pole and aerial training.
Not at all. Attending our beginner classes has no prerequisites. This means that you will be welcomed and embraced exactly as you are. Then we will build strength together.
For aerial silk and hoop we recommend wearing leggings and a regular top. For pole you have to bring a pair of shorts that do not cover your knees. Here you can wear a regular top as well. For flexibility training you can wear what you want, but we recommend wearing something that will keep you warm, as this will help in stretching. So this depends on the season. As we practice pole and aerial as a sport and fitness for adults as well as kids, we have made a choice to only train in bare feet and in relevant sports wear.

You can pause your membership for a minimum of 2 weeks and max. 3 months within 12 months. It costs 50 DKK. You can pause by sending an e-mail to

Yes you can! Between 06:00 and 23:59 you can train on your own, as long as there are no classes or events. We call this DIY training. Check the schedule or app to see whether the studio is booked.

Of course, it is perfectly okay if you want to terminate your membership. To do so, send an email to – only the administration can terminate a membership. The notice period is the continuous month + 1 month.