Our classes

Pole, aerial silk, hoop and flexibility

We have beginner classes for both polefitness, aerial silk and aerial hoop. To attend these classes you do not need to be strong or flexible, we will help you with becoming just that! 

Already a poler or aerialist? Explore each of our detailed class descriptions to find the perfect fit for your interests and skill level.

An instructor helping a student in a polefitness class in Copenhagen. At Pole Republic you can do Polefitness aerial hoop and silk in Copenhagen.


In our polefitness classes, we learn various tricks, combinations, and spins on and around the pole. We have four levels: beginner, novice, intermediate, and advanced.

This class is for pole beginners and those new to pole. If you are practicing inverting, join us this class. Learn basic spins and moves to get comfortable with the pole. You’ll discover that pole is about technique as much as strength. Bring shorts for this class.

This class is for you if you can invert (hang upside down!). We will go through fundamental exercises, tricks, and spins on the pole. We will work with body control and find the limit of your body. We work with general strength and flexibility, as well as combine pole tricks into short flows.
We work with the tricks we learned on the polefitness novice level and advance them by using our strength and flexibility more. We also work with new and more advanced moves. This class is for you if you can transition from your butterfly to flatline to superman, if you can straddle from the floor and do the outside leghang to inside leghang switch.
We practice our deadlifts, drops and flips, longer combinations, and flow sessions. You will work with flexibility and power in combinations to challenge yourself. This class is for you if you can do handsprings, aeysha, aerial inverts and shouldermounts.

In Poledance we work on a choreography of the instructors choice. We learn the steps and moves, and how to dance it to the music. This class will help you enhance your flow and dance skills with the pole.

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Aerial hoop

In our aerial hoop classes, we learn to use the hoop to create flows, tricks, and other beautiful movements. We have three levels: beginner, novice, and intermediate.

This Hoop class is for you who has never tried hoop before or if you are still working on getting comfortable in the Hoop. We work on getting into the hoop and hanging from the top and lower bar as well as different tricks. For hoop class we recommend long pants.

This hoop class is for you who are comfortable in getting into the hoop, hanging from the top and lower bar and balancing in your man in the moon. We work with different combinations building up strength and flexibility.
This class is for students who feel comfortable and secure in the hoop. We expect you to be able to lift yourself in the hoop and stay in a comfortable shoulder mount position. We will work on longer flows as well as tricks that require more strength and flexibility. We will also explore the world of drops and flips.

Aerial silk

In our aerial silk classes, we use the silks to create beautiful poses, tricks, and flows. We have three levels: beginner, novice, and intermediate.

This class is for people who have never tried silk before or have just started. In the class we practice basic tricks in the silk, like poses, climbs and inverts. We focus on building up strength and flexibility to get comfortable and learn the technique. Remember long pants/tights for the silk class. Cotton tights are preferable because they are not slippery.
The silk class is for those of you who are used to climbing the silk, inverting from the floor and doing your foot locks in the air. In this class we work from the basic skills and add beautiful movements and transitions on to create more strength and flexibility.
When you master the tricks on silk novice classes, you move on to silk intermediate. You need to be comfortable and have the strength to do invert and hip keys in the air. We work with tricky combinations where we use our strength and flexibilities in long combos.

Other classes:

We also love flexibility classes, strength classes and floor movement dance classes. Read more about which classes we offer besides polefitness, aerial hoop and silk.

Dance flow is for everyone, and is the perfect class if you want to practice your flow and become a better dancer with your apparatus. In this class we don’t use any apparatus, but we work with dance techniques and combine the dance moves we practice into small sequences.
Flex It is for all of you, who would like to be more flexible. It is a class for people with no flexibility or high flexibility, the exercises will fit all levels of flexibility. It is a good idea to wear socks, long pants, and a long-sleeved shirt for this class, the more you keep your body warm, the easier it is to stretch the body.
Our body strength class is for all levels. You will train your core stability and muscle strength. But we can promise you that this class will enhance your strength to use on the Pole, Hoop, or Silk.

general questions

Absolutely not. But you will get flexible, as we incorporate flexibility training in our pole and aerial training.
Not at all. Attending our beginner classes has no prerequisites. This means that you will be welcomed and embraced exactly as you are. Then we will build strength together.
For aerial silk and hoop we recommend wearing leggings and a regular top. For pole you have to bring a pair of shorts that do not cover your knees. Here you can wear a regular top as well. For flexibility training you can wear what you want, but we recommend wearing something that will keep you warm, as this will help in stretching. So this depends on the season. As we practice pole and aerial as a sport and fitness for adults as well as kids, we have made a choice to only train in bare feet and in relevant sports wear.

You can pause your membership for a minimum of 2 weeks and max. 3 months within 12 months. It costs 50 DKK. You can pause by sending an e-mail to hello@polerepublic.dk

Yes you can! Between 06:00 and 23:59 you can train on your own, as long as there are no classes or events. We call this DIY training. Check the schedule or app to see whether the studio is booked.

Of course, it is perfectly okay if you want to terminate your membership. To do so, send an email to hello@polerepublic.dk – only the administration can terminate a membership. The notice period is the continuous month + 1 month.