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Try out Silks, Hoop, or Pole trial class in Odense

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Join passionate & friendly community

Charge your body with energy for the whole day

Meet new people and build life-lasting friendships!

Trial class times

Monday 19.00 – 19.55

Wednesday 18.00 – 18.55

Tuesday 19.00 – 19.55
Thursday 18.00 – 18.55

Monday 20.00 – 20.55

Tuesday 19.00 – 19.55

Thursday 17.00 – 17.55 

OBS: If you have tried Aerials before, you can still book your FREE trial class on higher levels as Novice, Intermediate or Advanced. Check the Schedule on the main page to find time that would fit you or contact us via email hello@polerepublic.dk and book your spot.

Get in shape

Are you also bored of boring training sessions at the gym? Get in shape while doing Pole or Aerials was never so easy! During the classes we use our body weight to lift, swing and move. By the moment you start classes you will start building up your muscles and tone your body.

Boost your self-esteem

Besides fitness benefits, Silk, Hoop and Pole dance & Fitness give a sense of confidence, independence, strength and a spark of feminism, than no other sport can do. Be ready to not only improve your body, but grow your mindset.

Develop positive habbits

Know that feeling when you just do not want to get up from the couch? Well, forget it! Consistent training, variety of classes each week will create a healthy routine. Dedicated Pole Republic instructors and a friendly environment will help you to keep engaged, energised and reach your goals!

Join our community

At our studio you can make friends for a lifetime! Be part of the Pole Republic community and enjoy not only the classes, but also exclusive events, hangouts, theme days, photoshoots and other fun events!

We Offer You:

Aerial Silk class

aerial silk upside down

In your first Aerial Silk classyou will learn how to tie the perfect knot, how to climb the silk, and how to invert. Also, we will teach you how to wrap silks around your body in order to do various holds, positions, and locks. The Aerial Silk class is way different than others like Pole or Hoop, so be prepared to use muscles you never used before and enjoy the art of silk.

Pole Fitness class

pole fitness woman spin

Besides having a lot of fun and a friendly environment during the class, all new students in Pole Fitness class will be introduced to basic spins, tricks, and positions. It is a class for those who have never tried Pole Fitness before or those who are still learning how to invert. Pole Dance is rich in its weightless spins, powerful flips, breath-taking tricks, and positions.

Aerial Hoop

aerial hoop girl

Aerial Hoop, is a large steel ring that hangs from the ceiling in a strap. In your first class, you will be guided through strength, flexibility, and conditioning exercises which will help prepare you to invert and transition into the air in the hoop. You will learn how to enter and exit the hoop and be introduced to basic sits, positions, tricks and easy flows.


Pole Dance: wear short shorts or hot pants, and a T-shirt. We often use the friction of the skin to stick to the pole.

Aerials: tights and a T-shirt.

For both you can have bare feet or socks, depending on what you prefer. Please, remember to take of your jewellery.

Classes are taught both in Danish and English, if needed. We always take the language barrier into consideration and our goal is to make everybody welcome!

You can take anything you normally take to the gym – clothes, water bottle, clothes, hygiene products etc. Equipment as poles, silks, hoops, mats and the cleaning aid will be provided from us. 

One class takes 1 hour. It includes 10min workout at the beginning to warm up all the muscles. This way helps to avoid any kind of trauma during and after the classes. In the end of the class, we usually do a few short stretching exercises which help our heart rate to return to normal and it will easier the recovery of our muscles.

No, you do not any additional or special preparation before your first time at the studio. Over time you will notice that your body is getting stronger, and pole, hoop and silk classes become much easier.

Definitely! We already have men who attend pole, hoop or silk classes – so you are not alone. Everybody is welcome to join our studio, regardless gender, nationality, religion and beliefs!