A long story short – about confidence

Floating through the everyday

Since I was a kid I was quite active; I liked sports and tried many of them, however nothing really stuck for too long. Later, in my teen years, I started to define myself as an artist and there was no space left for any physical activity or most likely it seemed like it was waste of time. Besides modern dance sports were unpopular, and I was just floating; living in my own world, having no confidence, feeling shameful about my body or even having a tough time talking to people who are not involved in creative industry. I am telling this, because this was before I discovered poledance (pole fitness) and it changed my whole life perception. How and when did it (I) change?

Inga in the needle

Maybe it has something do that I moved to Denmark, but that would be a different story. Anyway, I moved to Copenhagen and was talking to my when ‘freshly baked’ boyfriend how I think poledance looks cool and that if I was younger I would totally do it (I was 23 that time and I felt too old for that, ha!). Of course, he agreed that it is interesting and that I should just ‘do it’. That was it - I did it and counting my 2nd year anniversary with poledance, I have never had regrets and my whole week feels unfulfilled if I don’t include any pole, aerial silk or hoop class.

Joy in trying something new

I decided to go to pole fitness, because I thought fitness was too much work; I couldn’t bear the thought that I would be reminded that I am exercising for the sake of having a nice ‘peachy booty’, six pack or just for the sake of being thin and toned… Also, I enjoy food too much and would never go on a diet. I tried some gyms in the past and never felt that I fit in. When I had my first pole class (it was with Castor by the way) I was so relieved – it was challenging and motivating; there was joy trying something new and failing (yes, failing!), doing a trick or combination that never crossed my mind my body can do it. Obviously, the happiest moment is when you achieve your set goals or succeeding all or most taught tricks during pole or any aerial class, but the happiness lies in enjoying the life; having an activity without any strings attached. By that I mean nobody is talking what you should eat or how more often you should workout to achieve that trick or combo. I also, understand that it is challenging to wear only limited amount of clothes, because we tend to hide our insecurities, which only can be seen by ourselves. I only hear encouragement, acceptance and cheering. The pole studio is there for your own good, whichever it is! Nobody is judging anyone, you can feel there is a community; people come from various backgrounds, which it makes so interesting!

Inga in the aerial hoop.JPG

I can do anything!

After a year of doing pole I joined hoop classes and I couldn’t be more happier. Both pole and hoop gave me confidence to believe that everything is achievable. Because once you can do ‘this’ or ‘that’, when you feel like in no time you can do anything. That you can do anything in life too. I used to feel ‘empty’, I lacked confidence in creating, but once I found this awesome activity and started appreciating my body and its power, I became so relaxed; I started believing in myself, my art and people. I am no longer that quiet mouse. I started living for myself and just accepting me the way I am. Thanks to pole and hoop!


// Inga