Back at training

The studio opens up and you are excited. Your are mentally prepared and ready! But.. Your body is not as it was before.

Yes! Finally, we are back in the studio and training upside down! For several weeks we have missed our aerial fitness and had to “settle” for flexibility, strength and dance classes online at home. Finally, we can see our training buddies, get real life classes from our teacher, we can talk, laugh and help each other during training and it’s going to be super awesome! We can’t wait to see you and teach you again! 

Though unfortunately for many of us, we will find ourselves facing an issue. Maybe not on the first few workouts, but suddenly the feeling of not being able to do what we could before the coronavirus. We are all extremely driven by our progress and when we have not trained for 4-6-8 weeks, which the coronavirus unfortunately has forced many of us to, we will feel it as a set back. It may be the feeling that our arms are not as strong as they were before, that our abdominal muscles cannot keep up and lift us or that we are out of breath even faster. We need to get used to being up the height again or being upside down. Maybe we even have to face the horrible truth of the trick we had finally mastered is back at stage 0. Emotions can be many and you might feel frustrated, especially when it culminates with the joy of finally being back again. This combination can easily create de-motivation and the feeling that you in some ways want to give up. 

But fear not, this feeling is more than normal. A lot of us will feel it after a long break. Luckily this time, we can share the feeling. None of us wanted a long break but were forced to take it. It is extremely important in this process to accept that our body need to get used to training again – and that can take time. In our heads we have mentally prepared and looked forward to getting to the studio and do the beautiful and cool trick we found on Instagram doing the lockdown. But it may very well be, that the body is not as ready for that as the mind. Instead of losing motivation, let’s use this driving force for something positive. Maybe spend a little extra time polishing your base tricks, try to master the easier tricks on the bad side, here we might quickly feel progress because we don’t have that high expectations on this side.   

And most importantly, let’s help each other! Do you feel demotivated, let’s talk about it and remember how much you missed training pole, hoop or silk while you couldn’t do it! As see it as an opportunity – maybe you had a small injury somewhere which now had time to heal. One thing is for sure: we need to have patience but we definitely will get back to our shape before the coronavirus! Before we know it, we’re back on our top form, and maybe stronger than ever because our body got a well-deserved break. 

View our schedule for CPH here and here for Odense:

//Nina & Maibrit