4 reasons to start aerial dancing

pole and aerial dancing

First some background info

Aerial dancing has its origins in a French circus school. It was first introduced in late 1960s by trainees asked to perform something different and they chose to do an acrobatic act. But since then, it has evolved to something way more fun and exciting. Aerial dancing is more than dancing. It is a form of art and expression. It is addressed to everyone and the reasons for, at least try it, are multiple.  

Reason #1: You’ll have fun

Starting from the most obvious reason for trying something new, it is because it is really fun. Aerial dancing has been described by many as a workout that feels like playing. It is a way to “fly without wings”. Dancing and performing tricks on the silk gives a sense of freedom and helps to clear your mind as you are solely concentrated on learning and/ or performing a new trick, keep your balance and have fun. But this exercise, is actually a way for your body to start producing endorphins, something that is actually common in many forms of exercising. The result is, after your training to feel happier and calmer, as your stress levels have been reduced.

Reason #2: It’ll boost your confidence

And of course, what they do not say is how aerial sports help everyone practicing them to boost their confidence and increase their self-esteem. The reason behind this is that, while working out you actually get to know your body more and, as you learn and perform new tricks you also admire your journey and what you are actually capable of accomplishing, Furthermore, you learn to trust your body. Since your balance on the silk will be gradually being improved, you will start realizing that your body will not let you fall. Your instincts, even at the most difficult tricks, are there to make you feel safe.

Reason #3: You’ll make new friends

Practicing aerial sports is the best way to join one of the most playful and welcoming communities. Aerial dancing is the best way to meet new people and build strong friendships with people with who you share a unique bond and understanding on how you see the world (“upside down”). Be part of a community that is mainly characterized by optimism and encouragement that will make you feel instantly accepted from the very first beginning.

Reason #4: You’ll grow stronger

Last but not least is that what you don’t realize is, while on the silk, you actually work out your whole body. As the time passing by and you continue your training you will realize that you grow stronger. That is because aerial dancing is one of the best ways to strengthen your muscles. As your body is not on the ground, gravity makes you work more intensively, especially your upper-body part. Moreover, your body strength is increased together with your stamina.  And what is more, it could also count as cardio exercise, together with the strength-building exercises. 

Wrapping it up, aerial sports are one of the most fun ways of exercising. It is a way to “fly without wings” and that is the reason many who tried out of curiosity ended up being addicted to them. But one of the most important things to also keep in mind is that you do not have to be strong to do aerial. Aerial will make you strong. 😉