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We pride ourselves on our team of 18 exceptional instructors at Pole Republic, each bringing a unique flair and creative approach to their teaching. Our instructors are not only highly skilled and experienced in pole and aerial arts but also embody the positive and playful spirit that defines our community.

With a strong emphasis on fostering a supportive and encouraging environment, our instructors ensure that every student feels welcomed and inspired. Join us and experience the vibrant energy and dedication that make our studio a special place to grow, learn, and connect.
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Get to know your instructor

“Pole is tough darling, but so are you!”

Castor is the studio’s Physio Warrior. She is an educated physiotherapist and this shows in the way she does pole with perfect shoulders and posture. She is full of energy and strength and her classes reflect her focus on the body’s limitation and nature of strength and flexibility. Around Castor you will learn to use your strength in creative pole combinations and movements.

“Don’t let your fears hold you on the ground”

Andrea is here to conquer gravity and therefore she is our Silky Soldier. Andrea is very organized and thorough and will take you from the basics tricks to beautiful sequences, giving you the tools to become creative and graceful in a safe environment. She will teach you the technique and will help you to understand the moves and wraps which will allow you to be strong and elegant in the aerial space.

“Every pro was once a beginner!”

Anna is a real wash trickster nerd with a passion for some of the world’s most advanced tricks – and not least to learn these from her. With extreme joy and enthusiasm, she teaches with a special focus on the athletic and at the same time aesthetic part of the pole sport. In addition, Anna is a trained doctor and works on a daily basis as a brain surgeon, which gives her an in-depth anatomical understanding of the human body.

“Progress comes before perfection”

Anna is our Bendy butterfly, and this name couldn’t be closer to the poledancer she is. Anna has since 2019, where her pole journey began, had a big passion for flexibility training and how to apply this to pole dancing. In her classes she loves working with clean lines and how to play with tempo and flowy transitions. It means a lot to Anna to follow her students’ personal development, where she supports in finding one’s own creative expression in dance.

“Do a spin and turn your poses into a dance”

Hannah loves to come up with creative and exciting choreographies in the silk. In Hannah’s lessons, you will not only learn how to pose in the silk, but you will learn how all the tricks can be merged into a flowing dance with lots of spins and movement. When Hannah is not teaching or working herself, she enjoys being out and performing with the silk at various festivals and venues. In her teaching, the focus is on the beautiful long lines, as well as on strength and control, because as Hannah herself says: “Total control gives total freedom”.

“Celebrate yourself!”

Anna teaches both aerial hoop and polefitness and will also be available for flexibility classes. She has been bubbling in love with the sport from the first glance and she especially likes flexible tricks and body-tangling positions. Anna loves to see and meet people where they are, and strengthen their personal journey through the sport. With great optimism and a jolly mood, she supports and celebrates you in your small and big victories – that’s why Anna is our Confidence Booster.

Meet Steven, one of the most flowy people we know. Steven loves crafting long flows with clean lines on the pole, but you can surely catch him executing quick power pole combinations as well. In Steven’s classes, you’ll feel the energetic, playful, and creative vibes he always brings along. When he teaches, it’s all about bringing out the best in you while keeping the training enjoyable and the vibes high.

“Come fly with me!”

Christina is a trained modern dancer, pilates and yoga instructor. She is a true silk nerd who loves to share her tips and tricks. In teaching, she places great emphasis on basic technique, body position and strength. She likes to combine her teaching with elements from dance, yoga or pilates. In the air, she works with creative tricks and combinations with a little extra focus on the long beautiful lines.

“Pole as your latin partner”

Anja loves poledance and creates and enjoys lots of choreographies, always with the pole as the best dance partner. Previously she did sports dancing and has taught pole since 2008, when the sport came to denmark. She is over 40, and shows a great example of the fact that pole is for all ages. Be sure to join her classes if you want to work on your stamina and dancing skills.

“Remember to try on both sides”

Amandine’s aerial journey began at a young age in circus school, where she fell in love with all types of aerial practices. Today, she shares her passion as an instructor, teaching hoop, pole, and silks. With a focus on safety and technique, Amandine meets her students at their own level and guides them through fun and challenging tricks. Her circus background inspires her passion for performing and combining aerial moves, motivating her to create combos from the tricks she teaches in class.

“Progress comes before perfection”

Anja is passionate about pole fitness, particularly favoring inversion tricks that she often combines creatively. Ever since she started, she has been captivated by the sport, and she welcomes all her students with a warm smile. Anja effortlessly shows her enthusiasm for pole fitness in her classes, where her focus lies on supporting each individual in their pole fitness journey. Anja places importance on building strength and control, recognizing these as crucial elements for executing tricks with finesse. Outside the world of pole fitness, Anja teaches biology, giving her a broad understanding of the human body.

Adriana, Instructor

“Dancers don’t need wings to fly”

You can always hear when Adriana is teaching, with a thousand sounds, claps, and jumps. When Adriana teaches dance classes, she spends a lot of time creating a safe space where there is room for both dance, emotions, and a sense of community around the dance. She emphasizes the importance of dancers being true to themselves and using their emotions in their dancing. For Adriana, the technical aspect of dance is a focal point, but there is still room for playfulness and laughter. She has explored many different styles of dance over the last twenty years and, in the past decade, has combined her creativity on the floor with pole dancing.

“Only by knowing your limits can you overcome them”

Andrea is a dedicated aerial silks instructor known for her focus on strength and flexibility. She inspires her students with the mantra: “Only by knowing your limits can you overcome them.” Andrea seamlessly combines powerful maneuvers with elegant choreography, encouraging artistic exploration in her classes. Whether dazzling audiences at public events or refining techniques in private sessions, her commitment leaves a lasting impact. Her mission is clear: to empower students with strength, refined technique and unleashed creativity, helping each one discover the essence of their own style in the air.

Evi has been training aerial hoop and aerial yoga for many years but began practicing silk in 2021. Aerial arts captured her interest as she loves being in the air, and the combination of being in the air while learning beautiful tricks inspired her. Evi enjoys working on fluid combinations filled with elegance and flow, incorporating a few graceful flexibility tricks. So, drop by her class and learn some beautiful flows in silk and hoop.

“Get ready to laugh, glow and turn your lift upside down!”

Saskia’s pole philosophy is based on all tricks and stretches is better with a smile on your face. Training and pole should be fun and she takes pride in passing on the world’s best sport to new aerialists. Saskia is eternally positive, which is always contagious. She puts a lot of emphasis on technique and correct basic postures. Saskia is a trained X-Pert Xpole instructor and personal trainer. She takes all the useful knowledge with her and translates it into teaching the best possible pole classes.

“Nothing you wear is more important than your smile.”

Maibrit makes you feel good and that is why she is the studio’s Feel Good Facilitator. She is an exceptional aerialist, performs and teaches pole dance, silk and hoop. She is super motivating to be around and with Maibrit you could learn flow, grace and beautiful combinations. Maibrit has a background in dance and gymnastics, she has taught kids for many years too, therefore she teaches in our Aerial Kids classes.