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Molly Pretzel is known as a true Stage Queen. She has won several competitions. Latest she won the Danish Nationals Competition, where she has been the winner for the last three years. She has been competing among others in Pole Theatre Scandinavia, Iceland and are also going to compete in Pole Theatre Worlds in London on March 30.

Molly is a great instructor with a focus on the right techniques and your body’s capabilities. In her everyday life she is running House of Concrete in Aalborg, so she is a super experienced teacher.

The 9th of March she will join us in Pole Republic for a day with inspirational workshops, that will give you an awesome, inspiring and challenging experience.


All levels

Molly is always leaving her audience with the feeling of WOW! She has a unique way of expressing herself, reaching out to the audience and catching the attention in a real and authentic way. On this workshop you are going to work on the small things that really does the difference when you are on stage – the small things that makes the audience believe in the authenticity in your dance and the feeling you express. You will work on using expressions, feelings and the music when you dance, and with this in mind you will learn a choreography. Due to Mollys positive energy, that in no time will create a warm and safe environment, this workshop can be joined by all levels.

On the pole

Intermediate & advanced

On the Pole (Intermediate an up – Requirements: straddle from the pole, safe Inside & outside leghang and butterfly)
With the technique and understanding for flow and transitions, pole dance becomes an art! This is exactly what this workshop will teach you. You are on the pole, learning to combine Molly’s favorite tricks, shapes and figures in a new and inspirational combination. We will talk about the art of movement and the small details that finish the great pole flolw. Molly is known for her fluent and elegant movement on the pole. This workshop is not about learning tricks, but about how to combine them in a flow.

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