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Drop & belay



We will do lots of different drops and drop combos! It is a prerequisite that you are comfortable with basic climb and inversions.

Pre-Contortion flexibility

We will be doing active flexibility movement, incorporating deep stretches in split and back bend variations while strengthening supporting muscular groups.

Bealay heaven

We will be covering various entries into belay and some fancy tricks and poses from the Belay-position. To attend the workshop, you must be comfortable with basic climb and inversions.

anya askew silk performance

Anya Askew is an internationally working circus artist from the USA, specializing in aerial tissue with a background in circus style, multi-hula hoop and dance. With the world as her stage, she travels, hoping to bring inspiration to everyone she meets.

On September 15th she will be joining us in Pole Republic for a day of workshops! There will be two workshops in the silk and one workshop focusing on how the body can become more flexible.


1 kr.
1 workshop
1 kr.
2 workshops
1 kr.
3 workshops

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