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Pole & Hoop Workshops with Amedeo Amantino Cohen, Italy

Amedeo began his career as an athlete with artistic gymnastics and in 2006 began his professional artistic on the stage to opening and closing Winter Olympics Game in Turin & 2008 began his circus journey in the company Sonics and in the following years Amedeo toured with Cirque du Soleil.

He is back in Denmark with Pole and Hoop workshops at our studio on the 5th of November. In his Pole workshops, he will give you tips and guide you through his favorite tricks. If you like Amedeo’s style on the pole you will definitely love it on the hoop too! It is fluid, elegant, and highly technical at the same time. 

Workshops on the 5th of November with Amedeo:

No specific requirements apply. Just be aware that the Spin Pole Combo and Hoop Flow & Splits Workshops are not suitable for Beginners. 

OBS.: Members of Pole Republic Copenhagen and Odense get a special price for the workshop. 


Guests who have hosted their workshops at Pole Republic: