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Aerial silk

aerial silk upside down

Aerial Silk, also called Tissue, is, like aerial hoop, known from the circus world. The silk is hung from the ceiling and divided into two pieces so that you can make acrobatic movements and exercises. In aerial silk, exercises such as climbing, tying, drops and swings are often combined.

Pole Fitness

pole fitness woman spin

Pole Fitness training includes artistic dance, acrobatics and strength exercises around and in a pole pole and through the training you build up strength, agility and endurance. Pole fitness involves exercises such as climbing, spins, tricks, positions and flips.

Aerial Hoop

aerial hoop girl

In aerial hoop, you use a large steel ring that hangs from the ceiling. From here you can make spins, drops, tricks and positions. In aerial hoop, the exercises mostly take place up from the hoop and longer combinations are often made on either a static hoop or one that can rotate, for more flow.

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