Meet our team!


Ines, instructor

Flow Fighter

"Flow is what happens when you feel instead of think."
Ines has always been very active and since she tried pole dance for the first time in 2017, she found her true passion both pole as an art but also in the community it provides. Soon she began searching for more flow in affect to improve her expression on and of the pole so she started doing modern dance. This is why Ines is our Flow Fighter! For Ines pole is a free and safe place where you should feel at home to express yourself and play around – it’s the grownups playground. Ines hopes to inspire you to try new things and challenge you to get out of your comfort zone so you can grow and surprise yourself.


Anna, instructor

Sparkly Spirit

"Everybody has a strength, we just need to find yours and let it shine"
Anna has always loved being active and started pole in 2017. She quickly fell in love with both the environment and the sport and in 2019 she graduated as an occupational therapist. Here Anna has gained experience working with people, motivating them to use their strengths and resources. For Anna, pole is her free space and she is a down-to-earth smiling mood bomb, who will cheer and motivate you, therefore Anna is our Sparkly Spirit.

Martin, instructor

Tough Trickster

"Change starts when you dare to step outside your comfort zone"
Martin began his aerial journey shortly after the studio in Odense was opened and has been devoted ever since. Martin has always been active in various sports, including football, martial arts and now pole. Strength and tricks around the pole are actually what Martin focuses on! He is always ready to help you learn new cool tricks.


Sandra, instructor

Iron Eagle

"Always finding ways to fall in love with this sport, again and again " Sandra is our OG - she has been pole dancing for over 10 years! She has participated in several national & international competitions and won duo with her boyfriend. She found herself again falling in-love with the sport. Sandra loves challenging and tricky moves on the pole, but at the same time she is always keen to explain the class from the scratch and make everybody to enjoy the process!

lærke instruktør

Lærke, instructor

Dream Defender

"No one is you and that is your super power!"
Lærke has always been moving around and climbing trees as a child and this is also reflected in her inner play child! Lærke loves to try new things and develop as a human being, which is evident in her teaching, which is marked by her background as a yoga instructor. Lærke teaches both beautiful and dynamic tricks and is very focused on having fun while training.

michelle instruktør pole fitness

Michelle, instructor

Smiley Soul

" It's not about the end goal, it's about the process"
Michelle is originally from Venezuela, but Denmark has been her home since 2014. Although Michelle had her first contact with pole before moving to Denmark, this is where she really developed her skills in a more consistent way, which is also reflected in her classes with a lot of structure but always with a smile and fun. For Michelle, the most important thing when learning pole fitness is that you have fun and that you are happy, which is also why Michelle is our Smiley Soul.

Othilie, temp-instructor

Flurry Fairy

"When you are extra strong, you have a special obligation to be nice to others"
Othilie has always loved the acrobatics, and found her heart in new-circus 7 years ago. Othilie is happy to be among people, being able to teach people new things and create joy through acrobatics. For Othilie, aerial acrobatics is a free space, as you only focus on yourself and it is important to find a balance between body and mind, to be able to achieve what you want - especially in acrobatics - while having fun.

Svajune manager

Svajune, Center Manager & instructor

Dynamic Dragonfly

"You can’t pour from an empty cup. Take care of yourself first"
Svajune started her aerial journey in pole, but her passion grew quickly and you can find her flying around on all the different aerial apparatuses at the studio. She has always dreamed of mixing her favorite sport with work, and she has now done so! You will find her in the studio at the office, where she makes sure that the studio is being taken care of. Or teaching the Hoop classes, where she's ready to make you fly on the aerial lyra. Svajune always has a big smile ready to give you along the way.

women instructor

Pilar, temp-instructor

Sassy Seahorse

"...and then do the other side!"
Pilar is one of our substitute instructor in Odense studio. You never know when she has a class to teach, but suddenly she's on the schedule and is ready with a new fun combination or trick. She loves a good jump warm-up that brings out the smile and the pulse so you are well warm and ready to challenge gravity and play in the air. Pilar will graduate soon as trained doctor, what gives her a good anatomical understanding. Therefore, she does teach right and good techniques and how to listen your body. But, most importantly, she also celebrates when you make it - whether it is on the pole, in the silk or the hoop.


Maibrit, owner & instructor

Feel Good Facilitator

"Nothing you wear is more important than your smile."
Maibrit makes you feel comfortable and that's why she's the studio's Feel Good Facilitator. She is a skilled aerialist and teaches pole, hoop and silk. She is super motivating to be with and with Maibrit you will learn both flow and elegance and beautiful combinations. Maibrit also has a background in both the world of dance and gymnastics. She has previously taught children, so Maibrit also teaches our Aerial KIDS team.