meet the team


Ines, instructor

Flow Fighter

"Flow is what happens when you feel instead of think."
Ines has always been very active and since she tried poledance for the first time in 2017 years ago she found her true passion both pole as an art but also in the community it provides. Soon she began searching for more flow in affect to improve her expression on and of the pole so she started doing modern dance. This is why Ines is our Flow FIghter! For Ines pole is a free and safe place where you should feel at home to express yourself and play around – it’s the grownups playground. Ines hope to inspire you to try new things and challenge you to get out of your comfort zone so you can grow and surprise yourself.


Anna, instructor

Sparkly Spirit

"Everybody has a strength, we just need to find yours and let it shine"
Anna has always loved being active and started pole in 2017. She quickly fell in love with both the environment and the sport and in 2019 she graduated as an occupational therapist. Here Anna has gained experience working with people, motivating them to use their strengths and resources. For Anna, pole is her free space and she is a down-to-earth smiling mood bomb that will cheer and motivate you and therefore Anna is our Sparkly Spirit.


Rachael, instructor

Glitter Guardian

"Don't paint dreams. Paint your own reality."
Rachael is a circus performer, contemporary dancer and marine biologist from Dublin, Ireland. Rachael is driven by passion, magic and self empowerment. She enjoys strong, dynamic movement and creativity as well as flexibility and power. Her strengths are determination, endurance and tarantism which is the extreme impulse to dance.


Lene, instructor

Fierce Firefly

"Don't paint dreams. Paint your own reality."
Lene has always loved to move. Her passion stems from exploring and pushing her bodily and mental boundaries. Lene has been practicing pole for many years and in addition to pole, she also practices calisthenics, tricking and parkour! And that can be clearly seen in her pole style, where she loves to incorporate speed, momentum and strength! ... of course a little flexy tricks every now and then.

lærke instruktør

Lærke, instruktør

Dream Defender

"No one is you and that is your super power!"
Lærke has always been moving around and climbing trees as a child and this is also reflected in her inner play child! Lærke loves to try new things and develop as a human being, which is evident in her teaching, which is marked by her background as a yoga instructor. Lærke teaches both beautiful and dynamic tricks and is very focused on having fun while training.

nina frost

Nina F, owner

Power Producer

"I've never tried that before, so I should probably be able to do it!"
Nina is our Power Producer. She is always full of energy and ready to master the pole with one of her daring tricks. She is super strong and your strength will be challenged on her classes. She has a lot of courage when it comes to trying out new things on the pole and she will be a great help when you need to overcome obstacles with a pole trick.


Maibrit, owner

Feel Good Facilitator

"Nothing you wear is more important than your smile."
Maibrit makes you feel good and that is why she is the studios Feel Good Facilitator. She is an exceptional aerialist, performing and teaching both pole dance, silk and hoop. She is super motivating to be around and with Maibrit you learn both flow, grace and beautiful combinations. Maibrit has a background in dance and gymnastics and have taught kids in many years, therefore she is teaching our Aerial Kids classes.