2 rooms with 4 meters to the ceiling and space for unfolding

The studio in Odense

Aerial Room

Aerial Room

Pole Room

Pole Room

The studio in Odense

In Pole Republic – Odense we offer training and classes in pole danceaerial hoop and aerial silk. The rooms are 4 meters high and we have two training rooms: one for pole dance and one for aerial. In the Pole room we have a total of 12 poles, all are nickel free and can put on both static and spin mode,  In the Aerial Room we have 6 mounts for aerial hoops and 6 mounts for aerial silks and large aerial crash mats.

The studio opened in 2020, and it is the 2nd and largest studio in the Pole Republic chain. In addition to having two training rooms, the studio also has a large lounge area where you can sit down for a cup of coffee or tea while having fun with your friends. In the summer time we open the gate to the lounge, so there is a opportunity to sit outside with an ice cream and cold soda while enjoying the sun after some hard training.

Features in Odense

+20 a week

Choose between pole fitness, pole dance, aerial hoop and aerial silk. And when you want to get down to earth again, you can take a strength or flexibility class.

Open from 06am - midnight

When there is no team teaching, you can practice pole, hoop and silk in the studio for yourself. With your entrance chip you can train when it suits you!

All the extras

4 meters to the ceiling - Crashmats - Nice light from large windows - Lockers - Large mirrors - Good atmosphere

pole republic odense training

"Hygge" in Odense

The last few years we have been building up a great community in our studio in Copenhagen, and we are looking so much forward to building up another great community in Odense, with all of you! We want to be more than just a training center, you want to hurry out of, as fast as possible.  

In our reception we have decorated two lounge areas. One area with a feeling of being at home, where you can enjoy a cup of coffee and tea before or after training. Another area with a feeling of summer, where you can talk about great traveling memories, or future travelling plans.  

During the year, we will host different events, you can be a part of, so we can get to know each other even better.  

Where is it?

Pakhusgården 1 – 5000 Odense

It only takes 7 min. by bike to get from Odense Train Station to Pole Republic – Odense. Getting to and from training has never been easier!

If it’s the first time you visit us, you must enter through our Main Entrance. You will find it following Google’s instructions into the Pakhusgården by Mogensvej. This entrance can be used with your chip too, when there are evening classes.
Once you have joined, and you have got a chip and would like to practice DIY, you will need to use the other DIY entrance, and chip in with your chip. 

Right next to the studio is Ålykke Forest, if you want to go for a nice walk in the forest before or after your classes. 

Hen party?